Portrait of Faith: John Paul II in Life & Art

March 8 - July 7th, 2013 | New Orleans Museum of Art

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Pope John Paul II in New Orleans

Tickets can be purchased at the door or by calling NOMA at 504-658-4100.

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about the exhibit

The Archdiocese of New Orleans, along with the New Orleans Museum of Art and Curators from the Museum of Biblical Art in Dallas, proudly presents Portrait of Faith: John Paul II in Life and Art.

There are those people and events in life that touch you and change your life forever. Blessed John Paul II was one of those people.

Join the Archdiocese of New Orleans and Honorary Hosts representing every major religion to celebrate the influence of this great pope through a display of paintings, sculptures, photographs, artifacts, and personal testimonials.

Visitors will begin their journey with a pre-exhibition film narrated by Harry Connick, Jr detailing the life of John Paul II as well as his historic 1987 visit to New Orleans. Visitors will then proceed to the exhibition where they will re-create the Holy Father's visit to New Orleans. Anticipation and Arrival will highlight the planning and excitement of the event. The Superdome events will underscore why this Pope was known as the "Pope of the Youth." Truly the crowning jewel of the trip, the Papal Mass section will highlight personal items from the Pope and from the Mass itself that showcase the Pope's deep faith. The Holy Father's visit to Xavier will emphasize his outreach to educators. Finally, we bid a fond farewell in Departure and Legacy, always knowing that a part of John Paul II remains with us forever.

Visitors will be provided with an audio tour detailing the items on display with personal and heartfelt reflections from people who had personal interactions with the Pope. They will also have the opportuinity to leave their own thoughts, prayers, memories, or reflections in our interactive area.

Whether your interest is in history, art, religion, or another area, this exhibition has something to offer to you. He's here to touch your life.

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